Where Glamour Goes to Die

Catchy right? We like to call it the death of Glamour, but really we are giving glamour a fighting chance. Bringing it into a completely different world. 

But Why?

Bringing years of glamour photography into the firearm world sounds like a ridiculous concept. We are so used to seeing the industry from two perspectives: Military/Law Enforcement and tacky, sexual advertising. We smashed those into a blender along with glamour and the end result is pure art. We go against the grain and fight the current. Why? Because the struggle is worth the fight when you're on the far end of what is normal and making it happen.

About Chris K Photo

Spending over a decade in the Military has shown and taught me to push hard. Push for what you believe in and settle for nothing less than perfection. I spent just over 11 years doing just that and being away from that now has shown me how much it made me grow. This project and concept started when my family and I decided to kickstart our non-profit. We are using these images along with many projects to come to bring attention to the world of homeless and disabled veterans. We want to end homelessness among veterans and help our brothers and sisters who are in dark places. Please follow us on this journey through on instagram and Facebook accounts located below. We are excited at what is to come and hope to have you along for the ride!